One-Size-Fits-All? That’s a Stretch

Let’s make one thing clear: there is no such thing as “one-size-fits-all.” The one-size-fits-all label is often applied to items such as hats, teeshirts, and socks—usually items that are elasticated or made with stretch fabric. But while it is true that stretch fabric items are more accommodating than articles made of wool or cotton, it’s not true that they magically fit everybody.

That’s just not the case.

Stretch Fabric Modifications

At Atelie Fashion & Tailoring we include stretch fabric modifications at our studio. We can modify all sorts of garments including workout attire, swimsuits, casual and formal wear—anything you can think of—we can handle. We use a machine that is specifically designed to make modifications to stretch fabric. Consequently, we can make a huge amount of modifications including size changes (four to five inches bigger or smaller,) zipper and button additions, and build changes to the elastic.

If you’d like to have your stretch fabric clothes modified, give us a call to make an appointment.