Atelie Fashion & Tailoring, Newmarket: We’ve Got Designs on You

There’s just something about designer brands. Designer clothes signify so much that is attractive and appealing. They suggest class, quality, beauty, and elegance. While we’re not all cut out to be runway models, we still want to look great and to be part of cutting-edge fashions and trends. Models, however, have an advantage. Models wear items that are fully customized to suit their exact body shape. When you buy that Versace dress or Hugo Boss suit, you’re buying an item whose aesthetic might not translate exactly as you envision.

That’s where the team at Atelie comes in; we can alter and customize designer clothes to match your exact body shape and to give you the look you want. We can also re-size and refit clothes and can even repair tears and rips. If you’ve come across a cool vintage dress that’s back in vogue why not bring it in for a professional fitting?


If you’re buying a dress prêt-à-porter, consider buying one that’s larger than your size. It’s much better to alter clothes that are too big, as the extra fabric allows the tailor more leeway, especially in the seams.

Whether your garment needs some minor adjustments or a complete overhaul, we’re the team to trust.

Call us today at our Newmarket location for an appointment.