When You Mean Business, Come to Atelie in Newmarket

When it comes to business, first impressions are everything. Making a perfect first impression is dependent on the convergence of a host of different factors, all coming together at exactly the right time. Being punctual, offering a firm handshake, smiling and being polite and accommodating are all vital in establishing a solid first impression.

But most importantly, you have to make sure you look the part.

Tailor-made Is Better Made

It is hard to neatly sum up all the differences between a suit that is worn directly from the rack and one that is altered to your body shape. Prêt-à-porter (off-the-rack/off-the-peg) clothing is made according to standardized sizes—standardized sizes that far too often don’t fit well. Even the most expensive designer suits bought off the rack won’t fit properly unless they are altered to fit the wearer. Conversely, moderately priced suits can be made to look tailor-made with the correct adjustments.

What’s more, off-the-peg clothing does not account for changes in body shape over the years. As we gain in years, we often also gain in weight, which means that shirts, jackets, and pants need to be let out. Among other things, it’s also quite common for one shoulder to shift slightly as we age, making one arm appear a little longer than the other.

Top Tailor Tips

If you’ve just bought a new suit, don’t wear it to an interview or a meeting unless you’ve had it professionally tailored. Here are just a few of the most important alterations for a perfect fit:

Sleeve Shortening

A good rule-of-thumb is to have approximately half-an-inch of linen (shirt cuff) showing when your hands are by your side. Off-the-rack suit sleeves are almost always cut longer than this. The sleeve cuff should rest just at your wrist bone.

Narrow the Pant Leg and Sleeves

Baggy trousers is not a good look—especially when you’re trying to impress clients. Narrowing the pant leg is a simple alteration and one that will make your trousers fit better and look better. Tightening up the appearance of sloppy, loose-fitting sleeves is another way to make your jacket more form-fitting and natural.

Waist Management

Typically, when people bring in their pants for waist alterations, we’re taking the waist in a little, but there’s usually enough material to let the waist out too. Above all, proper-fitting trousers should be comfortable to wear when you’re sitting and standing. Trousers that are too loose around the waist will sag and cause the material to bunch around the ankles. Trousers that are too tight around the waist can constrict your stomach and lower abdomen, leading to discomfort and the dreaded “muffin-top.”

If you need a suit altered, or if you want a suit designed from scratch, give Atelie a call today to make an appointment.

When it comes to suits, Atelie means business.