Atelie Fashion & Tailoring: Newmarket’s Choice
for High-Quality Alterations

Tailoring and fashion has always been in my blood. I am a third generation tailor and fashion designer. My father and grandfather were both professional tailors and I began my journey in the industry at the age of 10, when I first learned how to sew garments. I’ve come a long way since then—in more ways than one.

Making Clothes and Making Friends

I’m originally from Moldova, which was formerly part of the USSR. I studied and trained in a professional tailoring environment in Moldova, graduating in 1986. After this, my family and I moved to Canada, where I continue to work as a tailor and designer. I am proud of the work I do for my clients, and seem to keep a friendly loyal customer base after many years of providing exceptional tailoring services.

My secret to success is simple: I love my work. Ever since I was a young girl all I wanted was to be the best tailor I could be; with over 30 years in the industry I think I’m pretty close!

If you need garments altered or customized call me in today!